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and i've damn well earned this one: i'm one of those obnoxious blaine stans that your mom warned your about. (i didn't realise demanding equal representation made me obnoxious. but i'm often wrong about these things.)

mostly, this is glee, and the objectification of darren criss and chris colfer. other things you will find: doctor who, buffy the vampire slayer, supernatural, star trek, star wars, and (mostly) queer politics.

Asker ariedana Asks:
Top 10 Take That songs!
vampireisabitstrong vampireisabitstrong Said:

Haha! Fair’s fair, right?

So again, in no particular order, because it’s like picking your favourite children (!):

1. Rule The World
2. Nobody Else
3. The Flood
4. Shine
5. Pray
6. Never Forget
7. Everything Changes
8. Wooden Boat
9. Said It All
10. How Deep Is Your Love

(I was going to include Clementine for a hot minute, and then realised that was from Mark’s Green Man album. Oops.)


#top 10 meme

black-john-lennon replied to your post “jaded-idealism replied to your post “Found the thing that happened…”

Fandom was running this race before Klaine ever kissed. I was there. Lol. Been dealing with this for YEARS. It is exhausting.

I didn’t find Glee until S3, and I certainly wasn’t in fandom when it all blew up. By the time I got here, these factions and lines in the sand were already firmly drawn. So I’ve only got maybe two years, and I’m exhausted by it. 

I’m also vaguely concerned for people’s real world experiences. Like, do you treat your actual interpersonal relationships like this, like everything is a competition to be won? Because wow, that’s got to be lonely.

In short, and as a thesis of my very own, Not Everything Blaine Has Is At The Expense of his Relationship with Kurt. (This includes Sam, and Tina, and June.)

Maybe I’ll spend my day writing it.

jaded-idealism replied to your post “jaded-idealism replied to your post “Found the thing that happened…”

Oh, come on now, Kurt was obviously coerced into saying that by the writers. ;)

Those damn writers keep using Kurt as a mouthpiece for their own agenda. I’m sick of it now. 

@chordover So yeah… This what we’re shooting right now. #glee

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I was in this fandom.

I was going to wash and straighten my hair today, and actually style it properly for once.

And then I got distracted by the internet.

I shall be going to work looking my usual dishevelled mess. Awesome!

jaded-idealism replied to your post “Found the thing that happened overnight. *facewall* Better Boyfriend…”

Better boyfriend. Better gay. Better man. Most talented. They compete in every Olympic event.

I feel like some of these sports might actually be vaguely entertaining. 

Most Cultural References in Under A Minute

Snippiest Off The Cuff Comeback (let’s not count Blaine out of this one, “I’d say bye…” is still one of my favourite things EVER)

Most Lines Remembered from The Wizard of Oz

(Okay, no. But seriously. I will never understand why this has to be a competition? Like, did everyone miss the actual words that actually came out of Kurt’s actual mouth? He said he’d rather run this race with Blaine than against him. Like, duh?!)

Found the thing that happened overnight.


Better Boyfriend Olympics: the ongoing saga.

Also, Kurt is better than Blaine, and here are all the reasons why: a thesis on absolutes by fandom at large.

Or, “Blaine just gets handed things without any apparent effort, because he has passing privilege that Kurt doesn’t have and…” I think I’ve stopped listening.




or maybe June just fucking likes Blaine better than she likes Kurt because she likes him better



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Does every single effing thing on Glee have to be turned into being All About Kurt?!?

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  • student: can i borrow a pencil
  • teacher: i don't know, CAN you?
  • student: yes, also colloquial irregularities occur frequently in any language and since you and the rest of our present company understood my intended meaning, being particular about the distinctions between "can" and "may" is purely pedantic and arguably pretentious


Pallavi Singh - Harper’s Bazaar India January/February 2014

photos by Colston Julian

styled by Krishna Mukhi

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